A new virus threatens the world! Pregnant women are in danger!

A new dangerous virus threatens the world, and pregnant women are the most likely to contract the disease.


This alarming message was sent by the authorities in El Salvador, which recorded over 5000 cases of disease. The situation is even more alarming because no treatment has been discovered so far. Moreover, pregnant women are exposed to danger and this is why the authorities recommended them to postpone any pregnancy until 2018, avoiding the risk to transmit the infection from the mother to the fetus, during the nine months of intrauterine life.

See which is the virus that threatens the world!

Zika virusĀ becomes more and more dangerous, because the spreading rate is very high. This virus is transmitted by mosquito bite.

The mosquitos transmitting Zika virus are called Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. The two mosquito species bite an infected person and they transmit the virus to healthy people. Because there is no treatment variant so far, prevention is recommended.

The countries under threat are Columbia and Brazil. The two countries have been facing this threat since last year, thus in Columbia there are already 13,500 cases of infection, and in Brazil over 3,800 children with microcephaly have already been born, the babies coming from mothers infected with Zika virus.

It is recommended to avoid mosquito bites and, until a treatment is discovered, to postpone the moment of a pregnancy. Zika virus causes fever, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, joint pain in adults.

Pregnant women are the most exposed to danger. The virus can be transmitted from mother to baby, through the placenta, during the nine months of pregnancy, and this could cause microcephaly, which leads to physical and intellectual problems for the baby, and even death.

The countries targeted by this threat are those in Latin America, at least for the moment. The virus is spreading fast, so you should avoid trips to these affected areas, even more so if you are expecting a baby.

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