A mother posted on Facebook photos of the babies she lost at 7 and 8 weeks of pregnancy! Spectacular images!

A mother named Mindy Raelynne Danison, suffered two tragic miscarriages, a baby was lost at seven weeks, and the other one at eight weeks.

Because she loves her babies very much, she wanted to keep their memory alive and she published their pictures on Facebook. Annabelle, the very delicate little girl, was liked by all the mommies on the planet. Any woman would want to know what her baby looks like at only 8 weeks. Well, the seven-eight weeks’ baby looks like a miniature, and the shape of the face, the hands and the legs are already formed.

Annabelle left her mother at only 8 weeks and five days and she is incredibly beautiful!

Source: liveactionnews.org

To convince yourselves, here’s an impressive photo gallery:

7 and 8 weeks pregnancy (2)

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