A mother gives the best explanations regarding the way your life will change after pregnancy! You will not believe it!

Do you know how your life will change after pregnancy? Do you know what it means to take care of a baby? Do you know what are the costs, but especially what are feelings you will have all of this time?

Well, a mother gives us the best explanations regarding the way in which pregnancy and childbirth will change your life forever!


SEE what the mother tells her little girl! Amazing!

“I am sitting next to my daughter, at the table, who said by accident that she and her husband will get married and have a family together.

– We are thinking about my getting pregnant, she said jokingly! I might be pregnant!

– Your life will change forever, I told her, trying to hide my slightly affected tone!

– I know, she said jokingly! Goodbye free weekends, goodbye unexpected vacations, goodbye pleasures!

However, pregnancy is not just about these things. I wish I could tell my daughter exactly how her life will be affected, I wish she could find out the things that I never told her during childhood. I wish I could tell her that the physical wounds caused by the baby’s birth will heal, while the emotional wounds will be so strong, that they will always make her vulnerable.

I wish I could warn her what she will not be able to read the newspaper anymore without thinking “What it if’s my baby?” Any plane crash, any burning house will ceaselessly haunt her thoughts. And when she watches children who starve to death, she will keep wondering if something might change so badly that she will get to see her baby dying next to her.

I look at her perfect manicure, at the untouched and smooth complexion and I think that when the baby comes she will neglect herself so much, that it will get to a primitive level and she won’t recognize herself anymore. Every time she hears a whimper or whenever her phone rings, she will jump and always give up on her beauty rituals or her moments of relaxation.

Not to mention her years of career. She invested a lot in order to get professional acknowledgment, but all of a sudden her ascension descends in order to fulfil her wish of being a mother. And even if she goes back to work earlier than she is supposed to, any business meeting will make her think about the baby she has at home. She will leave things unfinished and she will rush home in order to hold her baby, knowing that it’s safe.

I would like my daughter to know that any day will become routine. At the age of five, the boy will want to use the men’s toilet, not the ladies’ one and thus, she will not know what to do. Baby cries, bold wishes, school, kindergarten, meal time, sleep time, this is natural rhythm.

Now it is her life that is important, but later, things will not be the same anymore. Now she can do whatever she wants, in order to fulfil any wish that will make her happy. Later, she will feel fulfilled only if her baby is fine.

She will throw up, she will feel nauseous, she will be sick during pregnancy. And as if this were not enough, C-section will leave permanent marks on her skin so smooth, leaving scars which are difficult to heal.

Her relationship with her husband will change, but not the way she thought it would. She will love him only if he takes care of her baby, if he plays with it. She will find him too little romantic and she will easily give up on the love between them.

I would like to watch my daughter teaching her child how to ride a bike. I would like to see how she gives her child a dog or a cat, stroking its soft fur, although she did not use to do this before. I would like to see her happy.

My daughter looks at me ironically and she sees a tear rolling down my cheek. I finally tell her that she will never regret this, although it is very difficult. I went near my little girl, I took her hands in my hands and we said together a prayer for her, for me and for every woman who feared this beautiful way in which they find their calling.

Carry in your arms what you carry in your soul!”

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