Enviable figure during pregnancy and after childbirth

I don’t think any woman ever disliked being pregnant. Everyone is more careful with you, people give you their seat when you travel by public transport, you get compliments about how pregnancy becomes you or you are served with all kinds of goodies (because a pregnant woman should satisfy her cravings), and you never refuse, you take advantage of this treatment as much as you can. It is nice being the center of attention, being spoiled and protected, isn’t it?


What you will only know after childbirth, when you will notice some significant changes on your body, is the fact that all culinary excesses that you made while you were pregnant and the lack of physical activity can leave marks which are hard to correct, on your thighs, belly and breasts.

While you can get rid of cellulitis, with diets, exercises and special creams, in the case of stretch marks, you are not so lucky. The only thing you can do is use creams which can prevent and help fade stretch marks.

Thus, in order for you to have an enviable figure only a few months after childbirth, you have to prepare thoroughly, both during the nine months of pregnancy and right after that.

Apart from the fact that you do not have to follow the saying, “You are eating for two”, you have to eat healthy food, rich in nutrients, necessary to you and to the baby in your womb that keeps growing. Besides, you should not give up on physical activity as long as your condition allows it, and if the doctor does not recommend you otherwise. By doing some light exercises, not only do you keep fit, but you also prepare your body for what will come, especially if you decide to give birth naturally.

You should also have specially designed care products, made with natural ingredients, for pregnant women. They have to be used even from the first months of pregnancy and after childbirth, because when your body comes back to its initial shape, it won’t have annoying visible signs. Because the most frequently affected areas are, obviously, the thighs and the belly, you must never forget about them and, even more, your kit should not lack (whether you are pregnant or a new mother) Body Serum with essential lavender oil and omega 3-6-9 from Kosmo Oil. The role of this product is to tone the epidermis, to improve skin firmness, to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks and also to visibly reduce those that have already appeared, as well as to diminish existing scars.

Another reason why you should always keep it in your cosmetic bag is also due to the antioxidant effect of polyphenols in the grape and avocado oil which helps balance the essential fatty acid deficiency and decrease the oxidative stress induced by free radicals. Why is this aspect so important? Because it causes the natural elimination of dead cells and it tones the skin, by reducing the effects of aging. The body serum with a rich content of eco-certified vegetable oils penetrates deeply into the skin, providing firmness, contributing to the skin regeneration, detoxification and hydration, effects which any woman wants from the products she uses.

Another ally, as useful as this body serum, which you should have at hand, is Orange and Shea Butter Massage Cream which is good for treating dehydrated skin that tends to lose elasticity. By regular massage with this cream, you will have soft and silky skin, competing with the baby’s skin.

Kosmo Oil specialists recommend this cream to all women, but the first ones who are targeted are those who did not suffer from serious or unaesthetic deteriorations, such as stretch marks.

To all the women who think seriously in perspective and who take into account the fact that the passing years leave deep and irreversible marks on their body, we recommend, of course, the Relaxing Shea Butter. Even though it is indeed something a little more expensive, at least at first sight, it is highly worth the investment, because the results will be seen in a very short time and they will be maintained over a long period of time.

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