How dangerous is it to sleep on your right side during pregnancy?

The period of the nine months of pregnancy brings along a lot of unknown factors in a woman’s life. From nausea, insomnia, vomiting, swollen legs to creating completely different behaviors that the ones you have had before, all of these will create big problems, at least at the beginning.


The discomfort related to putting on weight or the pregnancy symptoms that become worse every day is quite important. And when you start to get used to all these things, it seems you should also get used to what you don’t like, but you should do it for your little one to be safe.

So it happens that when insomnia, backaches or agitated sleep bother you, you can’t find your peace on your right side or on your back, you will have to give up these little pleasures, too. Why? Because doctors advise you to sleep on your left side for the baby to stay safe and healthy while in your womb.

Sleep on side is recommended by doctors, but you only have one option, sleeping on your left side. So when you are trying to find a sleeping position where you can rest, you are forced to try only sleeping on your left side. Sleeping on your stomach is out of the question, although it was so comfortable a little before getting pregnant.

Why on your left side and not on your right side?

The sleeping position recommended by the physician is on the left side. It is not very comfortable, but with a little effort you will get used to it and even sleep well. You can try using a pillow that you will place under your legs or knees, thus helping you to remove any discomfort more easily, and even backaches.

Sleeping on your right side is beneficial for the baby. This way, your body will transport a larger amount of blood to the placenta, which contributes to an increase in the number of nutrients necessary for the development of the baby. In the same way, the baby’s brain will be oxygenated correctly, which will favor giving birth to a healthy child.

And to answer the question why on your left side and not on your right side, you should take into account the fact that the inferior vena cava is on the right side. The weight of the uterus will be placed on it, which will determine a decrease in the volume of blood sent to the placenta. Hence, the recommendations of physicians who claim the baby’s brain oxygenation occurs with more difficulty on the right side.

Another sleeping position that is not recommended by gynecologists is on your back. If you sleep like this, the uterus will compress the volume of blood sent from you to the placenta, which may lead to various problems in the baby’s correct development.

Moreover, aside from the risks for the baby’s health, the pregnant woman will not feel great either. If she sleeps on her right side or on her back, she may feel a sensation of suffocation and dizziness. Thus, physicians recommend sleeping on your left side as much healthier.

Don’t panic!

If before getting pregnant you used to sleep in a completely different position, it will be definitely difficult to change this sleeping habit. Similarly, in the morning you may wake up on your right side or face up, but this shouldn’t scare you. It is absolutely normal, and the fact that you changed the sleeping position one night or even several times is not cause for alarm!

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