Collection of fascinating photos catching the moment when the baby’s head gets out into the world! Amazing!

The initiator of the project trying to catch as accurately as possible the moment when the baby’s head comes into the world is none other than Mary Fermont.

Mary Fermont is a professional photographer, who assisted the birth of over 100 babies. She created this project in order to answer a simple question of mothers – namely “How did the baby fit into its mother’s womb?” She states that every time she looks back at the moment of birth, both she and the mother are surprised that the baby she carries in her arms was for so many months in her womb, and even more than that, it was able to get out through a fairly small tight space.

Birth is the most beautiful moment of the life of a human being, the moment when emotions completely overwhelm you and this is exactly why the collection presented to a British publication is truly surprising.

Childbirth - baby's head gets out (9)

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