C-section risks

Lately, being afraid of pain, more and more mothers choose birth by C-section. Although the degree of post-surgery recovery is long-term, this approach seems not to matter. Thus the number of births by C-section seems to surpass natural childbirths, despite the indications of specialists.


Long labor, intense pain, episiotomy make more and more women choose this type of childbirth. However, the risks they expose themselves to are as high or maybe even higher. This is what you should think about when you choose birth by C-section!

1. Caesarean section is a surgical intervention and, as any intervention, it entails a fairly long degree of recovery. The incision of the lower abdomen is resorbed with quite some difficulty. At the same time, there is the risk of infections, high fever or even peritonitis. Also, C-section automatically leads to significant blood loss, thus the mother becomes anemic, lacking strength and power, and she will need help from close people in order to recover.

2. A woman who gives birth to her baby naturally will recover much more easily than a woman who chooses C-section. Thus, the maternity hospital stay will be longer, from three to five days of hospitalization or even more, depending on each case. By comparison, natural childbirth does not need this time, the mothers who chose natural childbirth are able to carry their babies in their arms even from the first moments, one day or two being enough for the woman to walk and to get back on her feet. Also, complete recovery takes place in just two weeks, while C-section needs a period of at least six weeks.

3. C-section childbirth causes in the future another C-section childbirth. Even though nowadays medical evolution allows a second childbirth after C-section to be carried out naturally, more precautions and more medical attention is needed. We can say that once the abdominal wall is sutured, it is more sensitive than usual and thus, during labor, it might be damaged or even suffer a rupture. At the same time, no more than three C-sections are allowed, meaning that the number of children can be less than what you wanted.

4. Placenta previa is a disease which can occur after the C-section intervention, in about 50% of the cases. This means that the cervix will be blocked when the placenta has an inadequate position. At the same time, the risk of the placenta displacement is also high. Placenta accrete, placenta increta or placenta precreta – may cause the occurrence of quite deep bleeding right after childbirth, putting the mother in great danger, or it may even lead to the removal of the uterus. This may also be caused by significant blood loss.

5. Another observable, considerable risk is prematurity. Because of miscalculations, the baby may be given birth to according to a schedule, much earlier. In this case, its lungs will not be completely matured, this type of immaturity causing it serious health problems. Even though it seems fairly easy and good to know the day and hour when the baby is to be born, to get rid of the excruciating labor pain, it is not as easy for you to overcome the situations mentioned above.

Birth by C-section is not completely inadvisable, but it may become a savior in almost 30% of the cases, being a solution by which both the mother and the baby can be saved.

Of course, nowadays even pain can be significantly diminished. There is no childbirth without pain, but it could be felt more mildly, the transition being slower, and childbirth should thus become an extremely expected phenomenon. The importance of gymnastics, of massage for pregnant women, as well as prenatal courses will ease the mothers’ decision of giving birth to their baby naturally.

Practiced regularly, gymnastics for pregnant women helps the future mother deal with physical effort. On the other hand, during the gymnastics hours you do exercises and positions which help increase joint mobility and tone the muscle groups which are stressed during labor, but also after childbirth. A pregnant woman who did gymnastics during pregnancy will have shorter labor, will feel less pain and will have an easier expulsion. Also, through gymnastics, the pregnant woman will learn to control her breathing, which helps with the optimal oxygenation of the body, but also providing the necessary oxygen for the baby. Moreover, by controlling her breathing, she will be able to control her pain.

Sorana Mureşan, Lamaze certified childbirth educator, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC); www.promama.ro

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