What does the baby’s birth month say about its health?

Enough with fate according to the star sign, it is time for health! This is how the birth month influences the baby’s health!

When we think about giving birth to a baby, we can’t not think at least a little about planning the moment of its birth according to astral influences. Of course, the baby’s birth month is important for its fate, its personality, but what we do not know is that stars even influence the baby’s health state.

If we wish to have a healthy child we should take into account rules given by physicians, medical tests, a healthy diet and lifestyle and, at the same time, to look closely at what the birth month tells about the predictions of the baby’s health state.

Of course, such an idea may only give rise to controversy, but in fact numerous studies have been made, showing that the baby’s health is influenced directly by the way the planets align on the day or the month when the baby comes. Thus, the baby’s health is closely related to its birth month.

Those who carried out the study are well-known researchers at Queen Mary University in London. Along with Oxford University, they tried to identify the way the birth month can influence the baby’s health. Physicians appreciate that the predictions they make are mostly related to the body’s immunity, as well as the way the child may suffer from multiple sclerosis. How can we explain this?

Vitamin D has been closely monitored by researchers. Thus, everyone who was born during the hot season are more likely to get multiple sclerosis than those born during winter.


This is what the birth month says about the baby’s health:

Babies born in January will have respiratory problems throughout their life, being more likely to get common cold or the flu than the others. Their immunity is quite weak.

Babies born in February have a great risk of narcolepsy. This is a sleep disorder, characterized by chronic sleepiness, especially in the morning.

Babies born in March have immunity problems. They will be likely to catch colds, the flu, and get ill often.

Babies born in April have a high risk of developing autoimmune conditions. At the same time, they will develop numerous allergies or food intolerances.

Babies born in May risk getting multiple sclerosis. For this reason, you should be cautious.

Babies born in June are quite healthy from an immune point of view, but they may have serious ophthalmological problems.

Babies born in July have ophthalmological problems, too, but they are not so prone to catching colds or developing autoimmune diseases.

Babies born in August have weaker personalities, so they will have depressions easily. Usually, for this type of problem, they will often end up in the psychologist’s office.

Babies born in September have respiratory problems, virus infections or other more serious conditions.

Babies born in October have a high risk of developing autoimmune diseases. However, they are mostly strong enough.

Babies born in November are more sensitive from the point of view of their immune system. For this reason, they will have big problems due to catching colds often.

Babies born in December may suffer from depression or other problems of the same kind.

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