9 signs that you will be going into labor!

Any pregnant woman thinks about labor. She does not know what it entails, how painful it may be and when exactly it begins. Birth represents a great unknown for many of us, it brings along many fears, completed by the desire to meet our baby.

We all hear this labor starts when “your water breaks”, as your mother or grandmother would say.

If it’s real or not, we’ll see below!

Labor is that stage in a pregnant woman’s life that determines birth. It is a preliminary stage that coincides with more severe pain, contraction, dilatation of the cervix and even water breaking. Although each of us is used to saying that labor starts a few hours before birth, everything takes place much earlier.


Below are a few signs that show you will be going into labor:

Sensation of frequent urination, as well as heavier weight closer to the pelvis!

It is one of the signs that occur a few weeks before birth. You will feel the need to go to the toilet more often, because the baby is already going lower, towards the pelvis, which explains the heavier weight you are feeling.


Backaches may accompany you throughout the nine months of pregnancy, but when they begin to increase, you may soon be going into labor. Usually, the pains announcing labor occur in the lower back.

Vaginal discharge is thicker

In labor or shortly before it, vaginal discharge is thicker and more abundant. You may even notice a few strings of blood, but you don’t have to worry. If the bleeding is more abundant, then you should call the doctor.

Losing the mucus plug

Losing the mucus plug is an imminent event. The mucus plug protects the baby from infections that may harm it. It looks like nasal mucus, so it won’t be very difficult to notice.

Cervical dilatation

Some women may be facing cervical dilation a little earlier, and others may experience it a few days before birth. At every medical examination, the specialist will measure the size of your cervix and keep you updated.

You don’t put on any more weight

That’s it, we’re at the end of the pregnancy period, so slowly but steadily, your weight gain will end. However, the baby is still getting plumper.

You have soft stools!

Because the muscles relax, preparing the moment of birth, during labor you may have diarrhea. You shouldn’t be afraid, but if you feel the situation is getting out of hands you should tell your supervising physician.

Strong and frequent contractions

Although the Braxton Hicks contractions accompany you throughout the nine months, they are not so painful actually. Once labor begins, uterine contractions are more frequent and they become more and more painful. They do not cease whatever you may do and they occur at regular intervals.

Water breaking

It won’t be difficult to notice your water broke. One can say you feel as though you were wetting yourself, it is a non-invasive moment, which causes a lot of anxiety in pregnant women.

When this last step has occurred, you should expect the birth to happen so you should let your physician know. And if the number of contractions is larger and larger and they do not lose intensity, you should go to the maternity hospital. You’re in labor!

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