5 mistakes which make childbirth even more painful

Childbirth is a beautiful and long-expected phenomenon for all women. Even though meeting the baby is the most beautiful thing in the world, the pain during labor is actually rather severe.


Labor triggers childbirth, being a preliminary stage of this moment. Even though we wish pain didn’t exist, in fact not even epidural anesthesia can totally suppress childbirth pain. And when the mother chooses classic methods, without anesthesia, she should know what to avoid in order to be well.

However, childbirth can be overcome with the help of specialized personnel, but also by acquiring certain techniques, as common as they are useful. Breathing, massage, hydration are a few things you have to assimilate even before getting pregnant.

If you are not familiar with each moment of labor, childbirth could become even more painful than you could imagine.

See the 5 mistakes which make childbirth even more painful!

There are 5 such mistakes which could make childbirth even more painful, things you should avoid:

1. Your position during labor

During labor, never lie on your back. This could intensify childbirth pain even more. Apparently, the explanation is fairly simple – more precisely, uterine contractions are more and more numerous and intense, pushing the baby outside. Thus, if you lie on your back, the pain will increase even more, as the uterus contractions cause it to make great effort.

In order to make childbirth less painful, you should avoid this and lie on one side or the other, periodically alternating positions.

2. You do not know how to breathe correctly!

Breathing is another essential element in facing childbirth pain. Thus, you should breathe as deep as you can, to feel the air deep inside you. Before breathing out, keep the air in your chest for a few seconds and then let it out. Thus, the body will be better oxygenated, it will know how to fight pain more easily and it will produce more oxytocin, responsible for speeding up labor. In order to see exactly how to breathe, you should ask a specialist right before childbirth.

3. You are dehydrated!

When the body is dehydrated, it will not be able to face labor so easily and childbirth will be more difficult. Moreover, the uterus will not be able to relax anymore after contractions, which will intensify childbirth pain even more. This is why it is good to drink as much water as you can, water being an essential element for your wellbeing during childbirth.

4. The baby’s position for childbirth!

The baby’s position is not always chosen correctly, but you can’t do too much in this case. The best one is the head-down position, but the baby may be trying to come out butt-first, which could cause the intensification of childbirth pain.

As we said, you can’t always do something about this, but you should go to the doctor and see in due time which the childbirth position is. If the doctor sees it in due time, either he will recommend some physical exercises, or he will suggest birth by C-section.

5. You are afraid of giving birth!

Anyone is afraid of giving birth, especially when you hear so many speculations regarding this thing. Moreover, you don’t know very well what will happen to you in all this time. All these things trigger nothing but more fear. Through fear, childbirth will become longer and more excruciating.

So get rid of your fear, listen carefully to the doctor’s advice, correct the mistakes above and you will see that everything will be fine!

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